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The Human-friendly PHP RESTful API framework

HPRA is in early development, more content and documentation coming soon !


Written in PHP and made for humans, HPRA provide you with an easy way to make your database resources available through a RESTful API.

Use the request handling shortcuts for an easy route setup or implement your own logic inside a complex transaction, or any way you want it.

This is not an ORM, the philosophy behind it is that you create your tables, relationships and views a la mano in the database then configure the chosen routes to get a fast and easy way to interact with them.


Requirements : php: >=7.3, ext-pdo, ext-json, ext-zip, ext-mbstring.

Database engine support (require proper PHP_PDO extension) :

  • MySQL/MariaDB : php_pdo_mysql.
  • MSSQL : php_pdo_sqlsrv / php_pdo_dblib.
  • Oracle : php_pdo_oci.
  • PostgreSQL : php_pdo_pgsql.
  • Sybase : php_pdo_dblib.

Plugins requirements :

  • ldap : php: >=7.3, ext-json, ext-ldap.
  • mailer : php: >=5.5.0, ext-ctype, ext-filter, ext-hash.
  • spreadsheet : php: ^7.4, ext-ctype, ext-dom, ext-fileinfo, ext-gd, ext-iconv, ext-libxml, ext-mbstring, ext-simplexml, ext-xml, ext-xmlreader, ext-xmlwriter, ext-zip, ext-zlib.
  • stimulsoft : php: >=5.6, ext-json, ext-mbstring, ext-zlib.


HPRA is an open source and free software under the GNU AGPLv3 license.
HPRA is an open source and free software project under the GNU AGPLv3 license and will always be free to use. However, any donation/backing will be beneficial to sustain the project and build HPRA better for all PHP developers in the world.

Patreon donations will grant you some perks depending on your membership, including e.g. :

  • As a person :
    • Your name and membership title listed on the official website donation page (https://hpra.dev).
    • Your name listed in the project code (README.md of the project on GitLab).
  • As a company :
    • Your company logo and link listed as Sponsor on the official website home and donation page (https://hpra.dev).
    • Your company name and link listed as Sponsor in the project code (README.md of the project on GitLab).

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